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Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)

I love Hermes Kelly bags. I am not even sure there are any women out there who don’t. They are, of course, more than just a practical accessory, but an extension of your wardrobe. I often use bags to complete a look and feel very naked without one in my hands or over my shoulder.

One bag that women have been going gooey-eyed over for decades, and with good reason, are Hermes Kelly bags. So beautiful, so sophisticated, but yes, as it goes with many things so beautiful, so, so expensive.

Hermes Kelly bags have been discussed a lot in recent years. I’ve noticed that there’s quite a lot about them and the many replicas out there, but not enough actual reviews about what it’s like to own one. That is what I aim to do with this post. There is absolutely nothing wrong with replicas, and I wanted to prove this by reviewing a replica of the rather awesome and beautiful Hermes Kelly 28 bag. It cost me $2250, the high-end quality Hermes replica.


Grace Kelly – The Inspiration Behind the Hermes Kelly 28

The original bag is one of many that was given its name after the iconic actress Grace Kelly after she was snapped repeatedly in the press using one to cover over and hide her pregnancy. It is not easy to pull off a replica of a Hermes Kelly bag and although nothing will beat the original, many of you reading this may never be able to afford the genuine thing. But, does the replica do it justice and is it really worth investing in?


Quality of Fake Hermes Kelly 28 Bag: 9/10

For something so expensive, whether you buy a really good replica or not, there are high expectations about the quality you expect. Does the Hermes Kelly really live up to the hype? Of course, it does, it is incredibly soft and it is hard to avoid touching it…repeatedly.
The Hermes stamp is done nicely, looks true to authentic Hermes. Shape, size, grain of leather looks wonderful too! When you first open the package and take the bag out your nose is met with the nicest, most reassuring leather smell ever. (Find more details discussion for Hermes handbags in Hermes Replica Bags Ultimate Shopping Guide)


LOGO 2 768x1024 - Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)

LOGO 1 768x1024 - Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)

LOGO 3 768x1024 - Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)


Expertly Stitched

It has stitching that obviously was a labor of love by a skillful artisan because I couldn’t find any fault or flaw in it. No weird, random stitching or lose bits that haven’t been finished properly. Just nice clean lines. The bag’s hardware is also of a very high standard. Comfortable to touch and use and looks like it will last a long time.


HardWare 1 1024x768 - Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)

HardWare 2 768x1024 - Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)

HardWare 3 768x1024 - Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)

HardWare 4 1024x768 - Hermes Kelly 28 Bag Replica Review (Craie Epsom PHW)


Overall, I was extremely happy with the bag. It more than lived up to the reputation of the more expensive, genuine Hermes Kelly bags that we all wish we could afford and own. It not only looks and feels like the real thing but smells like it too. If you’re a big fan of genuine leather products and that unique scent they have, you’ll love this bag as much as I did.

If you are looking for a classy bag that has ageless appeal and without costing the world has the look and feel of a Hermes Kelly original, this replica is the ideal choice.


Editor’s Note: Any chance you would be interested in purchasing the best Hermes replica handbags, a coveted Birkin, please contact email, I will share the CB’s website name with you.

10 Responses
  • Laila
    02 . 03 . 2019

    Hi From where is this?

    • Camille
      13 . 03 . 2019

      Hello Laila, thanks for getting in touch, just emailed you the website name of the Hermes Kelly 28 bag where I purchased from.

      • Jeanna
        27 . 07 . 2019

        Hi Camille,

        Can you tell me which website this bag is from?

        Love your website! thanks!

        • Camille
          28 . 07 . 2019

          Hey Jeanna,

          Yeah, I will email the CB’s website name to anyone who leaves comments here, thank you.

  • Warren
    04 . 06 . 2019

    Hi there, may I know the site of this seller? Thanks

  • dee dee
    21 . 08 . 2019

    hello, i want to order the same one if you could link me to their website. many thanks x

  • Denise Wagner
    25 . 02 . 2020

    Loved this color. Could you please send me the website?
    Kind Regards

  • Natasha
    05 . 05 . 2020

    Hello! I would love it if you could send me the link too!

  • Vaid
    29 . 08 . 2023

    Please I need the link, thanks

    • Camille
      02 . 09 . 2023

      OK, just emailed you the link, thanks.

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