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Hermes Replica Bags Ultimate Shopping Guide (An Insider’s Sharing)

This is an insightful sharing on counter quality Hermes replica bags shopping experience, details’ guides, tips on vendors, more inside truth are exposed!

I am excited to share my purchase experience with Hermes replica bags. Though I have been buying authentic and fakes for years, this is my first time to write a guide on replica bags ever. You will find there is not much to comment on the fakes when you find your purchase is not worth the time and money.

But not this time, a lot of ideas came to my mind, it’s like it will explode if I don’t put them into words.

The reasons I did this article,

  • First, I am, for the first time, pleased with the replica Birkin I received, in fact, it’s beyond my expectations;
  • Second, this most professional vendor I have ever met, feel like old friends at the first meeting. We have a lot of details discussed, and I found we have many perceptions in common;
  • Third, and I feel inspiring reading the other Hermes replica Birin review, Who Sells the Best Hermes Replica? (An In-Depth Review on Fake Birkin), from I believe someone else might be interested to know some truths for their Hermes replica bags purchase reference or need some shopping guides. So I would like to share my experience.


My Luxury Heritage – Luxury is Repairable

“I am totally convinced luxury is repairable. I guessed this was when I was poisoned into Hermes.”

Long before I took over my father’s business, I had many contacts who own authentic Hermes bags. They are obsessed over it, from bags, jewelry, scarfs, shoes, watches to everything carry the name of Hermes. It seems to me insane by then.

Literally, I got interested in Hermes accidentally. I still have fresh memories for the moment I spot a Birkin 30 among mother’s legacy. It has been kept in the box for 5 years since it’s the last carrying. The handles ware torn, plain scratches are here and there, quite a dull scene it is.

The reason I didn’t throw it away is I think it’s the bondage between me and my mother. It was her favorite purse for life as it’s a gift from my Father for their 30th anniversary, which is bought during their trip to France.

I wasn’t sure it’s repairable at the very beginning since it’s a 30 years’ old bag. Despite all that, I manage to send the bag to a Hermes store for repair. After 2 months waiting, when I open the package again, it’s breathtaking. For a moment I guess I believe in magic. It surprised me how it’s repaired since it’s more glamorous than a brand-new bag.

I am totally convinced luxury is repairable. this was when I was poisoned into Hermes, I guessed.


Hermes Bag is A Worthy Investment for Life or for Fortune

I carried the bag proudly to work every day for a long time period. People at parties or events do have more interests in the purse than in me at my career beginning. To my surprise, a client expressed, through a common friend, her wishes to buy my bag at a tempting offer. Soon afterward I found out she happens to be a luxury collector. Who owned dozens of Hermes bags: Birkin, Kelly, Constance, Lindy, most of them are the iconic ones.

But never mind, for no matter what reasons, she really liked the bag itself and wanted to keep it for herself or as an investment. I turned her down, in a good way, since it’s more than just a bag to me. It carries too many memories of my dear mother. Anyway, I never thought a used bag would worth that much.

People’s more interests in the bag than me did bother me once for a time. But I have met a few most important persons in my career and life. And I did find more common topics with my coworkers and clients. I guessed this is also my watershed of life and career. And since then, sometimes, I can’t help myself to research and study everything about Hermes. Mostly online at first, as to have common interests with people important in business. And I have to admit that it’s a good way to fit myself into the group of an upper class and it’s helpful for my later success too.


My Most Treasurable Bag Slipped Away

Desires are growing stronger when versions broaden. I found need extra Hermes bags for whatever reasons. And believed me, I have failed a dozen of times at different boutique store to get my first Kelly, though I had to spend a huge extra sum, like equal to the price of a Kelly bag, to get my name included in the waiting list. But when I get what I want despite the annoying efforts and experience, and I am convinced it’s more than worthy, more accurately, I fall in love this time.

Since then, in the next 7 years, I try every means to spare budgets in the intention to buy new Hermes goods, besides the other Hermes accessories, I personally owned 3 Kellys, 2 Birkins, 2 Constance bags, 1 Evelyne at present, excluding one crocodile Birkin 30, which I have resold 3 years ago. Actually, it’s my favorite and most expensive bag purchase so far, I sold it because I sparely use it, or being too cautious to carry it for worrying any damage, instead of locking it like treasure in the closet, I use it to capitalize my company.

And this was also my first investment in luxury, I did regret for selling it even I was well paid off. But it twinges me now and then since I can never lay my hands on a croc Birkin any more, or any crocodile Hermes bags. I often think it was luck with I sold alone.


My Long Treasure Hunt Journey Began

It’s not strange to me that there are knockoff Hermes available in the market, and I have known a few who owns both authentic and replicas. I can’t understand at this at the beginning, but it still caused my attention.  And I gave up every time whenever I can spot the fakes from a yard’s distance, from the shape, materials, hardware. When I look closer all the flaws exposed like naked.

I used to travel to New York City’s Canal Street which is famous for the counterfeit goods trading. I would take time to visit the local markets of fake bags during my abroad business trip whenever there is a chance, but all in vain.

Then I start searching online, believe me, I guessed have gone through a hundred of stores which claiming to sell 1:1 Hermes replica bags. Most of the stores have inaccurate images listed but still claimed the best quality. Some have the right photo from the appearance. But when I communicated with the vendor, they sent me different photos or with the wrong details. Some vendors just ignored my requests, perhaps I am too annoying to them.


Tons of Fakes Among Platform or Second-hand Luxury Markets

“And you know what, more ridiculous, I also spot some fakes listed on the well-known secondhand markets charging no less than the authentic ones. Crazy people!”
I did this now and then in the recent 5 years. Habitually, I go through many web sites, eBay, AliExpress, iOffer, Amazon, and latterly, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and influencer blogs, etc. Those mentioned Sites or Platforms are often accused of selling cheap copy designer goods. But their Hermes replica bags are far away from up to my tier.

And you know what, more ridiculous, I also spot some fakes listed on the well-known secondhand markets charging no less than the authentic ones. Crazy people!

And there is one thing I have to clarify that the whole quality of replica designer bags is much better compared to 5 years ago. What is sad is that the price of Hermes replicas is also getting higher and higher. But I just don’t get used to giving in to any flaws, so I would give it a try every time a higher tier replica version available.

Replica Hermes Handbags Quality Grades and Price Ranges:

And based on my years’ studies, here below my criteria for Authentic vs Fakes on Hermes handbags:

Low quality: Those can be spotted fake by the first glance, from the top to the scratch, price: $300-$1000.

Average Quality: Those looked like real from the appearance, but not all the details accurate, price: under $1000 – $2000.

Top Quality: Those are too good to be replicas, few people can spot the differences, price: above $2000.



“But, nowadays, those labels have lost their literal meanings, and you will often find the quality is less matched with what is claimed since those words have been overused to fool the search engine if they are not fooling human beings.”

In my experience the grades below are what most sellers use to categorize their bags:

AAA/Counter Quality/Authentic Quality/1:1/Mirror/Best/Super Fakes/

But, nowadays, those labels have lost their literal meanings, and you will often find the quality is less matched with what is claimed since those words have been overused to fool the search engine if they are not fooling human beings.

Therefore, below details listed might be everything you need to know on how to score what counter quality Hermes replica bags are.



  • Leather cost

You get what you pay for, and the leather cost the most. The cost for leather materials of a Togo Birkin 35 ranged from $800 – $1000. You should be aware that the leather attrition rate during the fabrication could be as high as 300%. This is a commonly accepted ratio in the leather goods industry. In fact, small makers have less access to the original leathers.

As giant Tanneries, like HCP, Tanneries HAAS or Bodin-Joyeux, often set a high MOQ target, 10,000 feet. In other word, unlike top designer houses, most small factories won’t be able to afford the expense to source directly from the tanneries. But purchasing from wholesalers at a much expensive price less quantity is the only option.

When the cost of top tier leathers is almost like fixed, so don’t believe you could get AAAAA copy Hermes purse under $1500.00.

  • Other Accessories Cost

Besides the leather cost, the cost for other accessories, like from Hardware, Padlock & Keys, feet stud, Box, Dustbag, even, to metal protecting film, flap protector, feet stud cover, Airbag, and packing paper, varies tremendously between copy Hermes Bags makers.

Some of these details might not seem important to you, but they define what the best maker is. And cracking these details took plenty of time, money and efforts. For those who stick to every detail could be treated as the elite of the best.

And usually, these elite replica sellers don’t come to you. If you want to buy, you have to find them or beg them for serious sometimes. However, if you find one of these, congratulations, you found a mine of treasure.



There is no need for the introduction of Hermes leathers, but it did have a great definition for an imitation Hermes Bags’ grades.

Cheap Tier: Faux Leather, including PU, PVC, Microfiber leather.

Low Tier: Half genuine leather, half faux leather

Top Tier: Genuine leather, but not the exact leather as the authentic. Some will claim this kind as the 1:1 Hermes Replica bags.

Exact Quality Tier: The so-called counter quality leather, exact Leather as the authentic, Produced by the same tannery supplier of Hermes, i.e. HCP.




Low Tier: Low-quality fake Hermes bags used to have a stiff shape. Most of these bags are made of low-quality leathers. To maintain the shape, makers usually stick cardboard or plastic sheet between surface leather and lining leather with glue. That’s why cheap replica bags are often thicker and with a strong odor. And these bags will collapse shortly when the intermediate broken.

Top Tier:  Top tier Hermes replica bags are slouching naturally as authentic with resiliency. Each designer handbag has a precise thickness for the leather. Compared to other top brands, Hermes use thicker leathers which can hold the silhouette without any supporters while keeps the resiliency. In other words, the bag can bound a little bit when drops it to the ground. This is finding is based on my personal experience.

Hermes Birkin


There are two factors should be concerned on the handles,

  • the leather part, which is stretched to wrap in the pile shape, it’s easily over-stretched or short-stretched;
  • the second part is the stitching, the most difficult stitching for a bag, and this skill requires years’ practice.

And the stitches technique for attaching the handles to the bag body could the great tell of fakes. And I think Hermes Kelly has more meticulous details to be discussed on the handle crafting.


Hermes handles



Machine Stitching/ Handstitched

  1. Machine stitching, I guess this is for the cost saving, anyway, the stitches are neat, but lack of luxury authenticity.
  2. Handstitched, for a Hermes bag, only the hide parts are stitched by machine, otherwise, are handstitched.
  3. Most top Hermes replica bags have great stitching nowadays, but there are still minor differences existing, like the size and slant of the stitching hole, the gap between stitches, and the threads, wax or not, or how good the wax is. These are all indicators of details.

In order to sell for a higher price, some vendors fake their machine stitched Hermes replica bags as handstitched. But they actually look wonky when having a closer look.



Logo print/Stamp

  1. On hardware, all embossed by machine mostly depends on the quality of metalware.
  2. On the leather, these logo/codes are done half manually, these are uncertainties which will impact how the logo looks. The leather quality, positioning, embossing machine, the logo mold tooling, the craft person, the heating, the embossed force.

And I came to learn that lately, there are a few replica bags manufacturers assigning all their bags to only one person for the logo embossing for years. Which means this guy has been practicing like every day for embossing a logo. And no surprise to me that, some replica bags are better than the authentic one on the logo part.




Authentic: The Hermes bags’ hardware is made of, varies years, brass or steel, coating with gold or silver color. But lately, made of steel as new technique available for the neat logo stamping.

Low quality: Made of thin iron sheet, which is lightweight, cheap plating, easily color off, bent and rusted.

Average quality: Made of better metal and coating materials, but still lack accuracy in order to save cost.

Top quality: Made of the same metal as the authentic ones, and coating with real golds. Even in this way, the quality varies as the maker’s capabilities.

Exact quality: Not available, except Hermes, no one else can buy the exact hardware from its designated supplier for their Hermes replica bags.


Hermes hardware



Authentic: No matter what fabric leather, calfskin, crocodile, ostrich, lizard, is, all lining with chevre.

Low quality: Pleather, PU or microfiber

Average Quality: low-quality genuine leather, pigskin or calfskin

Top quality: Genuine leather textured like the chevre, mainly made of calfskin or goatskin, it’s acceptable, though minor detailed differences can be spotted.

Counter quality: Counter quality Hermes replica makers will use same Chevre lining, which imported from the same tannery, exact details, most seller do aware of the details, and few being able to imitate, only the elite maker of Hermes replica bags.

And the interior conjunctions between the flap and the back panel is an effort-consuming detail, which is often ignored by slapdash imitators, the linked bar should be shaped in a clear rectangular silhouette.


Hermes Lining



There are minor details on Zip head, zip ender, zip puller, and craftsmanship. Unlike many other luxury designer brands, Hermes used distinct craft for their zipper. Despite the variations of the zipper throughout the years, the most important detail should bear in mind that authentic zippers remain parallel to the zipper line at all times. Low-end copies usually ignored this detail.



Edge Painting

The Edge painting is a skilled job to be done, especially the painting of the conjunction of the flap and the back panel. The layer should be thin, smooth and even, with a barely-there pressure line. The painting has to be painted usually 3 times back and forth by experienced craftsman to as create the precise thickness.


edge paiting


Padlock & keys

Besides the exact Hermes Logo, good padlock & keys are supposed to be heavier, and 3 digits on the lock match to the number on the keys. And a minor detail, keyhole (structure of the hole), is often ignored, part of the reason for the cost and troublesome artworks of tooling.



Date Codes or Artisans ID

There are different date codes, also called blind stamps, Artisans ID or H stamps, for various years, bags, and leathers. It used to be mistaken as criteria for authentic. But actually, it just plays as a tracking code for the house.

And as of 2016, the stamp has been moved from the back of the right belt to the top part of the interior left-side panel.

By the way, the code should also be always consistent with the hardware.

Hermes Date Stamp Guide

No Shape  No Shape  No Shape  Circle  Circle  Circle  Square Square No Square
1945 A 1954 J 1963 S 1971 A 1980 J 1989 S 1997 A 2006 J 2015 T
1946 B 1955 K 1964 T 1972 B 1981 K 1990 T 1998 B 2007 K 2016 X
1947 C 1956 L 1965 U 1973 C 1982 L 1991 U 1999 C 2008 L 2017 A
1948 D 1957 M 1966 V 1974 D 1983 M 1992 V 2000 D 2009 M 2018 C 
1949 E 1958 N 1967 W 1975 E 1984 N 1993 W 2001 E 2010 N 2019 D
1950 F 1959 O 1968 X 1976 F 1985 O 1994 X 2002 F 2011 O*
1951 G 1960 P 1969 Y 1977 G 1986 P 1995 Y 2003 G 2012 P
1952 H 1961 Q 1970 Z 1978 H 1987 Q 1996 Z 2004 H 2013 Q
1953 I 1962 R 1979 I 1988 R 2005 I 2014 R (late production had no square


date code - Hermes Replica Bags Ultimate Shopping Guide (An Insider’s Sharing)


The Clochette is made from one patch of leather instead of two, many Hermes fakes made of two, and the dimension should fit the lock well.



There are few Hermes replica bags vendors ship the box with the bag. The major reasons are to save shipping cost and decrease customs risk.

In fact, most sellers don’t have the accurate box if the box is so important. The minor difference is the size, color, and drawing of the logo on the lid, you can actually feel the prints by touching.

How ridiculous it is, some even have the incorrect size box while still claiming it the 1:1 copy.



Dust Bag

Few people pay so much attention like to the dust bag. But it’s important for me anyway, most of the vendors has the logo printed inaccurate like the box.


Hermes dust bag


Tips on How to Screen a Reliable Vendor

“What’s the difference between inferior fakes and super fakes? Super fakes copy the authentic, inferior fakes copy super fakes. What’s yours?”
  • Don’t bother to find factories, factories don’t sell!

Unlike most industries, replica handbags factories do love orders, selling directly to individuals seems to be what they less like. Partly of avoiding this risk of seizing, partly of selling is not in their gene. Thus, don’t try to go through to the factory to get a better offer. I will lead you into unforeseen troubles.

  • Focus on the professionals

Those have a dozen top designers listed are the ones I barely spare a glimpse upon. They tend to sell cheaper in both quality and price. Quality few worth the money, and often lack of communication and customer services. It will be a better option to stay with who sell a single brand. Those are the potential elite vendors, they are more likely to sell the best of the best.

Thus, it’s extremely important to save you from bothering sellers on Taobao or WeChat. Besides the cultural and linguistic barriers of understanding and communications. What’s selling on these platforms has different standards. In order to cater to Chinese consumers or escape supervision, all of the wares were altered slightly on purposes. With no doubts, these sorts have no chance into my list.

And since the sophisticated details of Hermes handbags, it does require professional knowledge to re-create top quality Hermes replica bags. So does the salespersons.

  • Know what you will get before paying

It’s always important what you will get in advance. Confirm details with the sellers before ordering, although I won’t request all the above details to be matched. But if the vendors do not aware of the details above. They won’t see them as a problem, no matter wittingly or unwittingly. Then how could you be convinced they carry the counter quality Hermes replica bags?

Finally, beware of scams. Classically, for those listing the photos of other’s upscale products to sell their low-end replicas. Which is misleading and quite confusing for who is new to Hermes replica bags. And never forget to ask for more photo proof. For those who steal others’ photos to have a better sell. They don’t actually have any intention to deliver what’s as pictured, described and promised!


Inferior Fakes vs Super Fakes

And keep this in mind that there are differences between fakes and fakes. What’s the difference between inferior fakes and super fakes? Super fakes copy the authentic, inferior fakes copy super fakes. What’s yours?

Good luck to buy your best Hermes Bags. Welcome to contact me or leave a comment if you have any other thoughts. Or share with me your Hermes replica bags shopping experience.


Editor’s Note:  The price of the Birkin mentioned above is more than $2000. Any chance you would be interested in purchasing, the best of the best available in the market, please contact email, I will share the website name with you.

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