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Hermes Lindy Replica Bag Zipper (The Truth Makers Won’t Make It Right)

This Article Reveals the Truth that Makers Won’t or Are not Willing to Use the Legit Zipper for Their Hermes Lindy Replica Bags.

I personally am fond of Lindy bags, to be honest, I own many Hermes Lindy Replica and Authentic bags. Although Hermes Lindy is not coveted as Hermes Birkin and Kelly,  I believe there are many, like me, are favorite its unique elegance and roomy designs.

But see what popularity and demands it has gained worldwide. It’s like no way to bring one out of any Hermes Boutique store for average people. And I don’t see a point to get any from the second-hand market as long as I can buy multiple top replica versions for the same amount.

Judge me not!  I won’t take any awkward risks of being spotted by carrying a cheap knockoff designer bag. So what I am discussing here is no inferior dupes, but real supper fakes. ( read more about the replica Hermes Bags grades classification at Hermes Replica Bags Ultimate Shopping Guide)



“But I have been confused by one single detail for the high-end Hermes Lindy replica Bags for years, that’s the Zipper.”

But I have been confused by one single detail for the high-end Hermes Lindy replica Bags for years, that’s the Zipper. I don’t understand why they can’t make this small part right, after all, they have made me satisfied with every detail else. Until today, my supplier finally spoke the truth under the pressure of my angry roaring. After a second thought, I find it quite interesting, and you might be interested to know.


Hermes Lindy purse


Let me start the story with a question like this:

Are you willing to pay $10,000 to have the right zip for a counter quality copy Lindy?

Uh, this question drove me crazy also, obviously, no one will.

But what if $100 extra instead?

Definitely for me, and I believe most will.

How these questions come? Well, it’s all about money.


Makers Can’t Afford the Cost

Don’t be surprised, it is true that most of the copy makers won’t be able to afford the exact riri zipper. For makers in China have to source from HongKong, and the unit price of the slider is $8 USD, and $16 USD/feet for tape, that makes at least $32 USD extra for the two finish zippers for a Hermes Lindy bag.

But what really unbearable is riri’s policy for MOQ, minimum order amount has to reach $76,000. That is quite a sum of expense. Including all kinds of tax and freights to the factory, and all of the efforts to make this done, I believe most makers will say “Why to bother?”. Prove me wrong!


Too Many Colors

For a Hermes Lindy handbag, the color of zip tape is tonal with the leather color. That makes a dozen of colors of tape. It should be enough at most for 2,375 pieces of knock off Lindy bags from $7,600 USD. Although for us, there are only gold or palladium for the zippers.

But the truth is, the slider won’t work with chains of other suppliers. which means a riri slider won’t be compatible with a YKK chain or tape. In other words, you have to buy both together to make a right finish zipper. I believe that is a difficult choice for the makers.


Hermes lindy zipper

Effort/Money Consuming Customer Service

Since the authentic zippers are made of brass, it will go slowly aged or tarnished in time. But buyers won’t accept a bag with aged or tarnished zippers, especially in China. To make it shine, it requires polishing now and then. Plus the later customers’ complaints, I can see that these troublesome efforts and expense arising are unnecessary to bear for most makers of replica bags.

Hermes Lindy Zippers


It’s indeed unpredictable for which color a buyer would like. Even for me, I am not sure which color I would like to order for next season. Still, I would really like to have everything is inconsistent with the authentic. So, if there is a chance to pay $100 extra, or a bit more, for the right zipper, I would definitely take it. Here is the question again, are you willing to pay $100 extra to have the right zip for a super fake Hermes Lindy? Or how much extra would you take it?


It might be a minor detail for a Hermes Lindy Replica, but if you have interest, leave me a comment. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

7 Responses
  • RL
    18 . 05 . 2019

    Does this mean all Lindy bags with a Riri Zipper are authentic?

    • wpmtech
      19 . 05 . 2019

      All authentic Lindy bags with Riri zipper.
      But it doesn’t mean that it will be authentic if a Lindy bag with a Riri zipper.

      Thank you.

      • karen bibi
        22 . 09 . 2019

        Hi there,
        I’m enquiring about Lindy too!

        May i know if the wordings print on the leather (Hermes Paris Made in France) will fade slowly overtime if the bag is use frequently?

        I noted there are two types of engraving on the round metal at the end of the zipper. one is “Hermes-Paris”,
        the other is “-Hermes-Paris-”

        Hope some expertise can clarify!

        Many thanks

  • Yves
    29 . 06 . 2019

    What if there is no “riri” engraved at the back of the zipper? Does it mean it’s fake?

    • Camille
      30 . 06 . 2019

      Hello Yves,please send more pics of your bag to so we can tell if it is fake or not, thanks.

  • Meiske
    18 . 06 . 2020

    Hello…would you please help me to check this HERMES Birkin 30 that I got from my aunt from 2007. Is it fake or authentic? Inside the bag also had a dust bag orange color. Sorry for my lack in English and in advance, thank you for your time and kind help. Regards, Mei

    • Camille
      19 . 06 . 2020

      Please email me the photos, thanks

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