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Who Buys Pricey Super Fake Hermes?

Are those who buy super fake Hermes can’t afford the authentic? Well, don’t drop your conclusions so quick before reading this article.

A friend of mine, Ellis, who engaged in the replica Hermes selling for more than 13 years, shared me a few examples of his wealthy buyers’ list. Which broaden my knowledge upon pricey Hermes replicas thanks to her altruistic sharing during our conversations.

And based on my and Ellis’s conversations, here I will list a few to find out who spends the most on high end Hermes replicas. (Read Hermes Replica Bags Ultimate Shopping Guide (An Insider’s Sharing)  for more about Hermes Replicas guides)


Writer from Japan

Ms. Natsuki, a Japanese writer of hot selling sentimental books, we knew each other through a common friend. She loves crocodile designer purses, so far, only buys Croc Hermes handbags. It takes a longer time to fabricate a crocodile bag, but she is patient to wait, I guessed it makes a sense of her character of perfectionism. And this time she ordered a Blue Jean Togo Hermes Lindy 30 copy bag for the first time as to celebrate her new book’s publication. I guessed I am those of a few who knew about her books’ publication, since every time she will buy a new purse when a new book is almost ready.

Blue Jean Togo Hermes Lindy 30


Student from Wealthy Family

Ms. Carols, from Wealthy HongKong family, who is studying the UK currently. Besides Hermes handbags, perhaps she is the one who loves Watch the most I knew. She carries different Watches whenever she shows up. What makes me envy most is that she recently posted another Selfie with a new Constantin of $110,000. But I guessed this might be the normal life of better off people. Carols always buy a new bag whenever she comes back from the UK, this time she ordered a Hermes Constance 24 bag in 3Q Rose Sakura Epsom. She is really into pink, and I can’t even remember how many pink Hermes Handbags I have made for her.

Hermes Constance 24 bag in 3Q Rose Sakura Epsom


Cosmetologist, Millions of Incomer per year

Ms. Julie, a Cosmetologist, who has engaged in the Beauty Surgery for 7 years. She bought her first Rolls-Royce in the third year of her career. According to my memory, since her first replica Hermes Birkin Togo in 2012. She has bought the whole series of Hermes bags, including Birkin, Kelly, Constance, Lindy of different colors and sizes. Julie usually buys a new Hermes bag whenever she is going to operate a major surgery. “It’s my way of pressure release”, Julie said, “I fell relax and calm whenever I am touching a new purse, and it’s also my source of energy to continue my work”, she continued. And Noir Matte Porosus Crocodile Hermes Birkin 25 imitation for this time.

Noir Matte Porosus Crocodile Hermes Birkin 25


Businesswoman in Diamond business

Mrs. Johnson, a very successful woman in the diamond business, who enjoys a luxury life. “I can’t live without expensive cars, wine and cigar for a day” in her own words. She recently orders a super fake Hermes Kelly Picnic Bag for her 50th birthday. It surprised me also when I knew she is turning 50 since you can barely spot her age from her perfect young appearance. And she is the most nitpicking customer I have met, every tiny detail, like the gap between stitches, and slant of thread needs to be perfect. But it won’t be hard to understand when you know someone who would spend nearly a million for a Himalayan embellished with diamonds. Actually, Mrs. Johnson is very unpredictable, since she often buys in both her good or bad times, it’s really hard to tell.


Housewife with A D.B.A

Mrs. Ellie Lee, who spends most of her time traveling. Mrs. Ellie Lee actually held the highest degree in education among my customers, who owns a D.B.A. But she gave up her career to support her husband. She ordered a Hermes bag for every trip. This time she ordered a knockoff Hermes Constance 24 Bag in n7 Blue Tampete Shiny Niloticus Crocodile leather in order to have Sushi at the well noted Sukiyabashi Jiro. What a decent life these wealthy people live up to.

Hermes Constance 24 Bag in n7 Blue Tampete Shiny Niloticus Crocodile leather


“And it’s quite hard to be satisfied these fat cats at the very beginning. But when you gain their trust, they will more likely to be your most loyal customers. And now they are my most valuable clients. In fact, instead of treating them as customers, they are more like a friend to me right now. Besides the business, we often have discussions about works or life, which also bring me joy. I love to make friends with them, it’s the reasons and motives to carry my business”, Ellis said in the end.

This is super stunning, right? You don’t have to envy those who carry the most coveted designer handbags since you never know if it’s an authentic or imitation.

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    03 . 09 . 2019

    Yes! Finally someone writes about bags.

  • GreggNox
    17 . 10 . 2019


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