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Hermes Middle Age Crisis

The anxiety of middle-aged people comes from the anxiety of rapid change, backwardness and even being eliminated. Luxury brands are no exception.

Chinese consumers have a nearly crazy obsession with Hermes. The Xiaohongshu in the domestic shopping and sharing community may gather the herd consumers with the highest density in the world. People not only share the most cost-effective way to buy, discuss the famous distribution system of Hermes, but also show off the Hermes handbag collection.



Is Hermes Birkin Bag Worth the Price

The iconic Hermès Birkin bag, originally designed for the Franco-English actress Jane Birkin, is now one of the most desirable and sought after bags in the world. A firm favorite of celebrities worldwide by the like of British designer Victoria Beckham and American actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Birkin bag emanates class, elegance, and luxury.


bo suu tap tui xach khung cua Victoria Beckham 2015 6 - Is Hermes Birkin Bag Worth the Price


Costing an eye-watering £6,000-plus each, these bags are so covetable, they are said to be a better investment than stocks and shares together –